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NatBeRrY Plu$ TabLeT

Published 16 March 2011 by chaleeya

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Natberry ~ Supplement utk mata~

Description of product :
NATBERRY Plus tablet contains bilberry and wolfberry extracts. Bilberry is a shrub related to the blueberry and grows in the meadows of Northern Europe while wolfberry, or better known as ‘Kai Chee’, has been used for 2, 000 years in the Chinese traditional medicine. The medicinally active component of a ripe bilberry fruit consists of flavonoid compound known. Wolfberry contains zeaxanthin that is essential for the retina as it is rich in nutrients and antioxidant qualities. Pack size: 10 blisters x 10 tablets


Sape penah try supplement nie??  Sy rase mcm nk try la.. sbb mata sy rase mcm x best… rase macam makin kabur… huhuhuhu… so sad…. hopefully akan mendatangkan hasil yg positive la hendaknya…. Aminnn….